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Movie Night Part Deux

By cacophonylights

NC-17, 4,700+ words

So apparently ask and ye shall receive.  Have a sequel to Movie Night, in which it is Kurt’s turn to pick the film and Blaine is really looking forward to ignoring it with Sebastian’s help. 

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The Kurtbastian Tracked Tag Drinking Game


  • 1 sip every time the words/phrases “convert”, “I ship Klaine but”, “Klaine is my OTP but”, and “traitor” appear in a post
  • 1 shot for each post about Don’t You Remember or As Your Shadow Crosses Mine
  • + 1 shot if the poster is crying over Kurtbastian feelings in the above fics
  • 2 shots if a post is just about Kurtbastian feels and doesn’t mention fic at all
  • Finish a drink if a post compares Kurtbastian to Seblaine or Klaine, or in any way seems like it could start shit.
  • Drink water if the post actually features original content such as: a fanmix, a song, meta, gifs, edits, fanfic, or fanart.

Please drink responsibly or have paramedics on stand-by. The Kurtbastian tag is not responsible for any alcohol poisoning that may occur.

favorite blaine bowties - 3x05 // the first time


Chapter 3 is here, with all the Smythe-y goodness :)

Pairings: Kurtbastian
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Summary:  The summer before college Kurt is shocked when Sebastian comes to him with a timely offer he can’t refuse.  He’ll get something he needs to realize his dreams, but in return he has to play the role of Sebastian’s boyfriend for the summer.  Neither of them know just how much their worlds are about to change. For a GKM prompt.